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Cotton Caps Manufacturer in India

Promotional Caps | Baseball Caps | Bucket Hats | Cotton Bags

Crafted in India

Serving 11 Countries

Low MOQ - 100 Units

EU-REACH Certified


Who We Are

Bexnes is a manufacturing division of BAL Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd. that was established in 2015 to produce high-quality caps for the Indian promotional products market. They specialize in manufacturing bucket hats, baseball caps, and promotional caps, and their clientele consists mainly of brands and distributors of promotional products and sportswear, with customers from various countries around the world.

In response to the growing demand in the Indian fashion market, Bexnes has expanded its product range to include classic 6-panel baseball caps, dad hats, and snapback caps.

The company offers various add-on services to customize hats, including fabric gluing, embroidery, screen and digital printing, which can be done in-house or be outsourced, allowing for faster turnaround times and more flexibility in product development. The facility, located in Bengaluru city, India, spans 3600 square feet and includes a corporate building, factory, pattern room, and warehouse. With over 50 employees, Bexnes specializes in manufacturing caps.

Over the years, Bexnes has passed multiple inspections and gained the trust of buyers, with their products now being exported worldwide. They focus on understanding their customers' needs and providing comprehensive solutions, whether it be OEM or product development.

Core Values


We are known for our service in many countries. From designing the mock-up to post-shipment free offers, we offer all.


We let our clients inspect our factory and our corporate office for 100% transparent transactions and order process. 


It is the key. We have two levels of Quality Checking - Internal & External. The external checking is done by an external QC company.


The Products


Our Factory

The Order Process

Sample Making

We make the samples according to the specifications, the budget and the purpose. This is important to know about the quality of the caps that pictures and videos fail to convey. 

First Level Factory Inspection

After the sample's approval, we proceed to the initial inspection. Generally, the client appoints an inspection company in India and we coordinate with them. This is done in the factory and in the corporate office. 

Agreement Signing

Once the report is generated and is approved by the client, we procced to signing the agreement that states all the terms and conditions of the project. 

Mass Production

After signing the agreement, we start the mass production and share the first produced item with the client for final confirmation. After that, we resume the production.

Inline Inspection

We allow the client to inspect the factory during the production to assure 100% transparent process. 

QC & Delivery

After the production, the final QC takes place by the appointed QC and inspection company in India and after the verification, the shipping takes place. 


  • How do I trust you?
    We allow our clients to do the factory and the corporate office inspection and auditing before making the payment. Furthermore, we allow them to do the inline inspection during the mass production and the final QC before loading into the container. Also, you can contact your country's Embassy in India to verify our business and legitimacy.
  • What is the minimum quantity per colour for caps?
    It is 500 caps per standard colour. However, if any non-standard colour is requested, it is 9000 caps per colours as we are to dye the fabric.
  • What is the minimum quantity per colour for cotton bags?
    It is 1000 bags.
  • What are the customisations you offer for caps?
    We offer the following customisations - 1. Cap colours 2. Embroidery, printing snd sticker pasting 3. Back attachment - Velcro or Plastic Strap 4. Panels - 5 and 6
  • What are the payment terms?
    They are either an advance payment or a letter of credit.
  • What are the factors that affect the price of caps?
    The factors are - 1. Thickness of the visor 2. Seams stitching on the visor 3. Eyelet type - fabric or metal 4. Sweatband - cotton or netting work 5. Weight of the cotton fabric
  • How does the QC take place?
    The Quality Checking happens internally and externally. For 100% transparent reports, the clients appoint a company in India to conduct the external QC in the factory before the delivery.
Contact Us

Contact Us


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Corporate Office

Siri Mansion, #40, 2nd FLOOR,

6th Main Rd, 3rd Phase, J. P. Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078, India


+91 63608 31473

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